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What We Do

Transforming Access
to Justice.

Civil justice is having a moment. Lagniappe Law Lab is part of the movement to put people back into the center of the justice system. 

Almost 50% of civil legal needs for underprivileged populations in Louisiana go unaddressed. Embracing technology, human-centered design, and operations principles, we are focused on removing barriers that keep Louisianans’ from accessing the courts and critical civil legal services.

Service Delivery Consulting

Innovation goes beyond technology.

By documenting and evaluating the way legal service organizations serve their client base, we make informed decisions for process improvement and/or technology integration into the practice.

Technology Project Management

Dedicated resources for keeping projects on track.

From conceptualization and research through execution, we’re here to support the civil justice system’s vision for a more technology-enabled workflow.

Program Maintenance + Governance

A sustainable future for civil legal aid projects.

A centralized home for projects impacting the broader civil legal network reduces the duplication of efforts and gives solutions a sustainable future.

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