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JFA Listening Sessions Held in Concordia + East Carroll

On January 28th and 29th, 2022, the Louisiana Justice for All Project hosted “Community Listening Sessions” in Concordia and East Carroll parishes. The listening sessions, held in partnership with the Concordia and East Carroll Parish Libraries, focused on gathering insight from community members about:

  • Their experiences getting legal help,
  • How they access and use technology, and
  • Their needs for legal services and preferences for service delivery.

The input gathered from these listening sessions will directly influence the design and development of the “access points” the JFA Implementation project has set out to accomplish.

“The insight we have gathered from the community is incredibly eye-opening, and has already challenged our thought process on what the final access point design might look like,” says LLL Executive Director, Amanda Brown. “That’s why community-led design is so important. A failure to deeply appreciate the needs and wants of users significantly increases the risk that the service or program won’t be adopted.”

Read more about JFA progress, the Listening Sessions, and the project’s next steps:

Lagniappe Law Lab is a proud grantee of the Louisiana Bar Foundation, who also serves as fiscal administrator for the Justice for All Grant.

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