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LLL Adopts 2-Year Strategic Plan

The LLL Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt the organization’s proposed 2-year strategic plan.

Organizational goals and strategies include activities like:

  • Strengthening existing and building new long-term partnerships in Louisiana’s justice community,
  • Developing more robust internal fundraising systems, and
  • Broadening awareness of legal innovation in Louisiana law schools.

Programmatic goals focusing on advancing LLL’s important work include activities like:

  • Expanding the substantive legal information LLL offers through the its cornerstone project and partnership with the Louisiana Bar Foundation, the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator,
  • Advancing more comprehensive self-help services through the Navigator program,
  • Bolstering its outreach and marketing of Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator services, both online and in the physical world, and
  • Expanding physical access to online resources in Louisiana’s civil legal resource deserts.

View and download the strategic plan below.

Lagniappe Law Lab is a proud grantee of the Louisiana Bar Foundation.

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