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LLL Participates in LSU Law School Apprenticeship Week

On January 7th, 2022, Lagniappe Law Lab Executive Director Amanda Brown participated in the Serving the Profession and the Public track of LSU Law School’s Apprenticeship Week program. During the program, master lawyers and judges taught LSU Law upperclass students in small enrollment, hands-on mini-courses. Each mini-course provided students with focused, task-oriented training not generally available in law school courses and usually available only through actual practice experience.

The Serving the Public and the Profession track, LSU students learned about the rule of law and access to justice, Louisiana’s civil justice ecosystem, and the challenges Louisianans face accessing legal help. During her session, entitled Access to Justice and Design Thinking, Amanda explored the concept of design thinking, how it is used in technology and business, and how the legal profession uses design to drive service delivery innovation. She also facilitated a mini-design session with the students to demonstrate how the design thinking framework and its tools can be used to address complex justice system problems.

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