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New Name & Gender Marker Change Navigator Launched

Thanks to support from the Louisiana Bar Foundation and CrescentCare, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Name & Gender Marker Change Navigator through the Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator.

The process for updating name and gender markers on official documents can be overwhelming, as they vary greatly by document. Each government agency has its own set of rules about the proof required to make these updates, allowing folks to secure official documents that accurately represent who they are.

With the Name & Gender Marker Change Navigator, Louisianans can answer a few questions and determine if they qualify for a name and/or gender marker change under Louisiana law. Thereafter, users receive expertly-developed and relevant information on their next steps – whether that be proceeding in court to get a formal name change order, or supplying a physician’s statement on their gender transition. Where appropriate, users will also be connected to document automations that can help them complete a name change petition, a gender change petition or a physician’s certification.

“We believe this tool is a good first step in supporting the LGBTQIA+ community through the complicated process of confirming their identity on important documents. We’re grateful for the expertise CrescentCare has provided us through the design and development of this tool, and look forward to learning how we can refine this tool and make it stronger for the transgender community in Louisiana,” says Amanda Brown, LLL Executive Director.

The Louisiana Civil Legal Navigator is a partnership of Lagniappe Law Lab and the Louisiana Bar Foundation.

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